Gros bisous xx

It finally dawned upon me that writing has always been an important part of my life. Growing up, I was always fascinated with letters and  all kinds of arts but I just never properly learned it or thought had the innate talent to do so. Writing letters to my friends, classmates and family members was one of my favourite things to do on top of spending hours in my local art supply store. I also love dancing, taking photos, travelling and learning different cultures and languages. I’m here to share my passion for beautiful writing through hand written calligraphy and hand engraving in hopes to create something magical, precious and heirloom that will awaken your senses, bring meaningful connection and add that extra spark in your eyes.

If you feel like you're the right fit and wants to work together to create something beautiful and timeless that will be remembered for generations to come feel free to contact me. Let's create something magical!

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